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You can use the form below to add your link to my site. NO Fucking around or this will be removed! Now that we've got that out of the way, Here's the rules.

1) Only humor sites! Nothing else!

2) You MUST link back. You can link to http://www.funny-pics.net/ Our system tracks hits from your site so don't cheat or i'll kick your ass out!

3) Make sure you can send SOME traffic to me. Even if your linked to me and you send me, say, 5 hits in a month for example, I'll kick your ass off the list.

4) If your already listed, don't be a dickhead and resubmit the same site!

5) I know i've already said it, but, NO fucking around. If this facility is abused it will be taken away or changed in such a way that you will not beable to have real time linking.

6) English sites ONLY! Non-English sites that are added will be removed and banned!

7) Your link WILL NOT APPEAR until you send us at least one visitor!

Link to: http://www.funny-pics.net/
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  • Funny-Pics.net
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